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Halloween Horrors – Searching for the Right job!

Halloween may seem like a terrifying time to search for a job, but it’s the most wonderful time for fear! We have put together six simple steps to follow

  1. Creating your CV! –

When creating your CV, it is important to make sure that it is clear and precise. Having a clear layout can ensure that you stay focused on the information you want to get across to the employer.

It’s not as scary as you think, there are plenty of templates and further guidance on our website to help you find your next job – CV Tips

Skeletons in your closet!

It is also important to be prepared to explain reasons for leaving and any gaps in your CV. The key thing here is to be honest. You don’t want hiring managers thinking you have skeletons in your closet!

2. Applying for jobs

Now you have overcome the fear of completing your CV, its now time to go on a hunt for your next Spooktacular job which Intro Personnel can help you with by viewing our current vacancies or contacting a member of our team.

Paranormal Paperwork

Some companies will require you to fill out an application form when applying for a job, this doesn’t have to be scary stuff. Having an up-to-date CV will form a good base for this.

3;. Submitted Applications

You have submitted your job application and waiting for a response may feel like you are trying to wake the dead.

Don’t Put all Your Pumpkins in One Basket

You may feel like you have applied for your dream job but don’t let this stop you from applying for other roles. Keep your options open and feel free to be tempted by other devilish offers.


Companies can be inundated with CV’s for each role, so often are unable to respond to every application. Don’t let this dampen your spirits.

4. Interview Preparation

Being prepared for an interview is key, don’t be a bat and just wing it! Intro Personnel provide an interview preparation service for all their candidates to make sure you have pumpkin to talk about

Interview Nightmares

You may find it hard to sleep or have horrifying dreams about your interview. It is normal to feel anxious prior to an interview, but if you have done all your preparation, you shouldn’t need to worry. Remember the person interviewing you isn’t a ghoul and will take into account that you will be nervous. Remember don’t hide behind a mask and don’t have a resting witch face!

5. Feedback

You may feel like you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the outcome of your interview. Hopefully you will get a treat and be offered the role you have been interviewed for.

Is it even Halloween if you don’t get tricked at least once?

If you do not get the role, feel proud that you have made it this far in the interview process. Overcome your demons and don’t be afraid to chase those ghosts for feedback to help you with further applications.

6. Freaky First Day

First days can be scary, and it may not feel like love at first bite but remember the company have chosen you to work there. Once you have found your feet and have to got to know the members of your team, like all vampires, get your teeth stuck in and enjoy your new adventure!