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Getting your Job Description down on Paper…

How To Write a Job Description

Creating a job description is essential in helping you attract the right candidate for your role. It should be an accurate representation of what is required of the candidate to perform their duties successfully. A job description summarises the responsibilities, qualifications and skills needed for a role and describes the work that will be performed. Read below to find out how to write a job description.

Before writing the Job Description

Before writing the Job Description, think about what the position actually consists of. It may be useful to discuss it with someone who already works in that role within your company or works in a similar role. Ask them to describe a typical day, which you can then break down into bullet points and remove trivial parts to ensure that you concentrate on what is important in the role. An exhaustive job description will not capture a potential candidate’s attention. Do not include any internal phrases or “jargon” that someone who does not work in that industry would not understand. Remember to ensure that your wording is non-discriminatory – for example, avoid gender-specific language or stating the number of years of experience required (focus on a candidate’s skills).

What to Include in your job description

it is important to use an accurate job title that reflects the role to attract the right people. An online search for jobs will often result in multiple options for a jobseeker to consider so you want the role to stand out. Targeted job titles are more effective than generic ones .

Start with a concise overview of your company; what it does, why it is a good place to work; any current expansion/growth within the business. A strong, attention-grabbing summary is very important in attracting the right person. In this section you can also say who the position reports into and if the role will have any direct reports.

This includes the core responsibilities of the position and day to day activities. You want a potential employee to understand exactly what the requirements of the role are, to determine if they are suitable.

In this section include work experience and personality characteristics that are required for the role. Experience required from specific sectors or environments could also be mentioned here. These can also be broken down into essential and desirable requirements if applicable.

Keep this concise with the qualifications and skills needed for the role.

List in this section the hours of work, the salary and any other benefits for the role i.e. bonus, annual leave, flexible working and facilities.

Where the role is based and any travel information i.e. directions, bus/train stations close by. Does the position offer any remote working?

Make it clear how someone applies for the vacancy. It is also important to manage people’s expectations by including any deadlines for applications or when a successful applicant might expect to hear back from you.

How we can help you

We work very closely with our clients so we have an excellent understanding of job descriptions and how to use the right language to attract the right candidate to apply. Contact us today for more tips on how to write a job description or browse through our latest job opportunities.