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Do you have a Temporary Recruitment strategy ready for the summer?

Do you have a Temporary Recruitment Strategy ready for the summer?

As we approach the busiest time of the year for staff taking holidays, you need to make provisions to cover any temporary recruitment requirements. Otherwise, this could cost your business both time and money.

What happens if you have a team member on annual leave for up to 2 weeks at a time?  It can often be a time-consuming and unproductive exercise having to train one of your team to cover a job that they don’t normally do, especially when they have their own workload to deal with! Maybe you don’t have a spare member of staff who could provide cover in the absence of staff holidays? It is also sometimes difficult to attract interested applicants to apply for a job advert that is only for a matter of days.  There are several studies that show that not being able to cover absent staff can lead to missing sales opportunities!

Using a Recruitment Agency to Find Temporary Workers

There are many benefits to hiring temporary workers via a recruitment agency. It is a lot quicker to entrust a recruiter to find you a suitable candidate for an immediate requirement, especially at short notice. A good recruitment agency will also have carried out all pre-employment checks on your behalf, including suitability/skills, right to work documentation, payroll information and references.

Aside from covering for staff holidays, utilising temporary workers can also be a great way of upscaling your business to cope with demand if you are taking on a new project. Having a flexible workforce can provide new skills and perspectives, whilst you can also control your costs. Many temporary roles often lead to permanent job opportunities, so it gives both the employer and the candidate an opportunity to “try before you buy”.

How Our Recruitment Team Can Help

Our team have over 40 years of cumulative experience of recruiting within the local temporary market. Meet the Team We can also offer support with your temporary recruitment requirements. We can provide flexible support across all office, commercial, engineering, and industrial sectors. All our temporary applicants follow a comprehensive recruitment process, including initial telephone screening, face to face interviewing to determine suitability, right-to-work checks, and obtaining references from previous employers. We work in partnership with a trusted payroll provider to ensure that we take the pain out of payroll – as well as sorting out holiday pay, pension, and various taxes – so you can focus on with running your team. 

If you are considering utilising temporary workers, we want to hear from you!! Please call our team today on 01782 413307.

Temporary recruitment supports productivity