Things to Consider

Are you ready for the job market?
Do you have a clear reason as to why you are going to start seeking a new role? Is there anything that can change with your current employer that would make you happy and want to stay in your current position for a further amount of time? Weighing up the reasons as to why you are interested in new opportunities is important before moving forward, as to be sure you are honest and transparent during the recruitment process.

Have you spoken to your employer?
If there are certain issues with your current place of employment which have become your reason to start seeking a new role, have you discussed this with your manager? There may be adaptations or certain things that may have flexibility to spark up your enthusiasm again.

What would be your ideal position?
Have you thought about what would make you happy in a position looking forward? There are many things to consider when seeking a new role such as your compatibility with the company, how happy you are in the position and remuneration.

How would you feel if your employer did not want to lose you?
When it comes to the crunch and you give in your letter of resignation, have you considered how you may feel if your employer offers to increase your salary? Valued members of a company can often find themselves receiving a counter offer once offered a role in another company, if this were the case for you, would it be enough for you to withdraw your acceptance and remain in your current role.

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