Stoke on Trent… A Hotspot for Job Creation within the UK

Stoke on Trent…a hotspot for Job Creation within the UK!

The media has reported recently that companies in Stoke on Trent are creating jobs at a faster rate than almost anywhere else in the UK!

The findings are reported in a new study, which concludes only Glasgow, Milton Keynes and Liverpool had higher job creation rates in the period between July 1 and September 30 this year. In addition, an extra 3,500 jobs came to the Potteries in just 12 months. The UK Powerhouse report also reveals the city’s economy is now worth an estimated £4.8 billion.

Manufacturing production, including Ceramics are some of the areas seeing year-on-year growth, whilst the region also boasts world class engineering firms, market leading commercial organisations and top tourist attractions.

The recent news is the latest source of positive economic data to come out of North Staffordshire and also highlights the issues surrounding candidate availability and skills shortages, as our region nears closer towards full employment. As always, if you require our assistance with any current or foreseeable vacancies, please get in touch.