Festive Jobs!

It is well known that in the run up to Christmas a huge number of temporary jobs become available, however some of the roles on offer are a little quirkier than you may think, why not get into the festive spirit and apply for a position as a Reindeer Handler, Festive Story Teller or Christmas Present Demonstrator this year? People that fancy making Christmas decorations can earn themselves on average £9 per hour, wages on offer currently for Reindeer Handlers are £8 per hour and those willing to help out preparing for the Christmas dinner can earn from £6.31 per hour for a range of duties including removing the feathers from turkeys.

Santa Claus may also require a helper or two this year, on his mission to visit over 842 million homes, he will be required to cover 221 million miles across the world, travelling at speeds of 650 miles per second in order to deposit every eager child’s gifts on time! Retail stores in Britain will be taking on 5 percent more staff than they did last year, due to expected better sales as the economy continues to recover. This year, the Royal Mail announced that they were looking to fill 35,000 seasonal vacancies, Sainsbury’s are looking to fill 16,000 and Amazon are in search of a further 15,000 people.

Although Christmas is traditionally a boom time for seasonal and temporary recruitment, companies are still looking to recruit people on a permanent basis. Intro Personnel are currently working on a number of active permanent vacancies around the Stoke on Trent, Newcastle under Lyme and Staffordshire, to view all our live vacancies please click here. 


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