Permanent Jobs are Growing at Their Fastest Pace in 17 Months!

A recent survey has shown that permanent job placements in Britain have risen for the first time in 17 months. This is a result of confidence shown by employers towards bringing in new recruits. The data showed that temporary jobs have also had a sharp rise in vacancies, which is a positive addition to other recent news of the economy coming out of recession..

Unemployment numbers have continued to fall and employment hit a record high in August of this year. There is promising signs that this could continue to improve as temporary and contract staff billings rose to hit the highest it has seen for 18 months. The on going rise in job vacancies indicates that employers are confident about the position of their business, and are driving the momentum for more people finding work as they face an increase in demand.

Although there are still risks regarding the economy and its progress, these are significant changes for some time and should not go un-noticed.

Intro Personnel are currently very busy with a variety of different vacancies in Stoke on Trent, Newcastle under Lyme and Staffordshire in areas such as engineering, administration, sales and logistics. This is in keeping with recent positive news stories!

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