Will Job Seeker Confidence Increase Now?

At Intro Personnel we believe that the fragile state of the economy coupled with continued gloomy news within the media has led to a lack of confidence in the recruitment market during recent times, with many people preferring to remain within positions that they are maybe not motivated by but are perceived to offer a sense of job security. This has led to surprising skills shortages, which has been particularly noticeable within certain sectors of the employment market.

However, over recent months more encouraging news seems to have been reported and this week The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has lifted its economic growth forecast for the UK this year from 0.7% to 0.9%, not since April 2012 has the IMF raised its UK forecast. A Treasury spokesman said it showed that the economy was moving from “rescue to recovery”. This news comes after surveys in recent days reported a rise in business optimism, growth in the service sector and confidence in the housing market. A survey from research firm Markit indicated that the UK service sector grew at its fastest pace for two years in June and a British Chambers of Commerce survey found UK business confidence at a six-year high.

So at Intro Personnel we are wondering if the more positive outlook will lead to an influx of new people to the job market and believe that now could be a great time to attract candidates, who are beginning to think that now is the right time to make the job move that they have been pondering for a while.