Intro Personnel Privacy Notice

Intro Personnel Privacy Notice

Intro Personnel is a Recruitment Business which provides Recruitment Consultancy services to Businesses and Job Seekers across Staffordshire & South Cheshire.

To conduct our daily business effectively and successfully we require Personal Data from the Job Seekers we work with ranging from General Personal Data (contact information, work history information) to Highly Sensitive Information (bank details, references) to Special Category Information (personal health information).

The content of this document provides a summary of how this information is used and protected and may refer to the following terminology which is explained in context below;

Data Subject                    Jobseeker

Data Controller                 Intro Personnel

Data Processor                Simplicity

Data Protection Officer     Appointed person at Intro Personnel responsible for effective Data Protection

ICO                                    Information Commissioner’s Office

The Personal Data we obtain from Job Seekers is necessary for a number of reasons including; Making selection decisions regarding a Job Seekers suitability for a vacancy for which they have applied; to making weekly payments to our temporary workers; to informing the Businesses we recruit for about the special provisions they may need to make, for Job Seekers they are keen to hire whom we have introduced to them.

The personal data we obtain is done so privately and confidentially and we will only obtain personal data which is essential to the effective day to day operations of the business. Intro Personnel respects the sensitivity of the data we obtain and have necessary security systems in place to reasonably protect this information, further information on this subject is available from Stuart Nicholson, Intro Personnel’s Data Protection Officer.

To provide an effective service we may need to pass on sensitive information to Data Processors we work with and we ensure that these organisations have necessary security systems in place to provide a reasonable level of protection of the personal data we obtain from our Data Subjects. We will also provide personal data, which is deemed essential to the job application process, of Data Subjects, to the companies we recruit for and if requested, Intro Personnel will provide specific details of this via the company’s Data Protection Officer.

To maintain necessary and professional records we will retain the personal data of Data Subjects who we do not place into a job role for a period of 18 months, at which point all electronic and paper records will be destroyed securely. For Data Subjects who we do place into a job role we will retain their personal data for a longer time period of 5 years?.

All Data Subjects have a right to be forgotten within the above timescale and if for whatever reason you wish that we remove your personal details from our records please contact the company Data Protection Officer on 01782 413307 or

Any breaches of personal data will be dealt with as an emergency as soon as the matter comes to light and will be reported to the Data Subjects affected and the ICO, in an urgent manner.

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