Choosing a Recruitment Agency!

A recent article in the trade publication Recruiter has highlighted that the recruitment industry has very little official regulation or governance and relatively small start-up costs for businesses and is therefore perceived as being an industry with “low barriers” to operate within, the article goes on to stress the importance of choosing your Recruiter carefully as the responsibility of providing a high quality service is basically reliant on each individual company.

At Intro Personnel we believe that a few simple factors are key to providing great service and standing out from the crowd. We think this can be achieved by meeting all candidates and clients face to face to develop a detailed understanding of their requirements so a partnership can be developed, by truly specialising in specific markets and by providing honest advice and guidance using that market knowledge throughout the recruitment process. A recent survey conducted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation showed that the way in which employers select an agency is highly weighted towards the agency’s quality of service, with 96% of respondents stating that it was quite or very important. There are many providers of what may seem to be a similar service but it is often useful to establish exactly what is being done to assist you with your job/ recruitment search.

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