Is Finding a Suitable Apprentice for Your Vacancy Providing More Difficult Than You Thought It Would Be? Are You Interested in Hiring an Apprentice But Are Unsure Where to Start?

Is finding a suitable Apprentice for your vacancy proving more difficult than you thought it would be? Are you interested in hiring an Apprentice but are unsure where to start?

Intro Personnel works in partnership with one of the region’s most successful providers of apprenticeships, therefore, not only can Intro Personnel recruit the right Apprentice for your business, we can also introduce you to a straight-forward but comprehensive training programme, which delivers a 95% success rate of Apprentices progressing their careers within local businesses.

Intro Personnel are able to recruit for and introduce training programmes for Apprenticeships in the areas of, Accounting, Administration, Customer Service, Engineering, IT, Manufacturing and Warehousing/ Logistics.

A recent survey of local businesses reported that over 50% of companies were planning to hire Apprentices, which demonstrates this method of recruitment is an effective and popular way of strengthening an organisation. The survey also highlights that competition to find the right individual is high, so if you have answered Yes to either of the 2 questions at the head of this article please get in contact with us to find out how we can help.

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